Best quality plasterwork and finishing

UKU works with the best installers of natural materials.
Using their help in installing UKU finishes, it is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the result.


Krohwin OÜ

Work experience in natural building for over 15 years

Clay and lime are natural materials that allow enormous variations and are ideal for the human environment.
We bring lime and clay to the masses. Or rather, we bring it back to the masses, because they have been the basic building materials for thousands of years.

  • Interior finishing: clay and lime plaster, tadelakt, stucco, marmorino
  • Exterior finish: lime plaster facades
  • Heritage protected objects: restoration works (activity license no. VS 875/2016)
  • Design elements: plaster strips, frames, ceiling sockets, bathtubs and sinks
  • Raw clay bricks, rammed earth walls, clay floors
  • Consultations, practical natural building workshops
  • Resale of UKU clay and lime materials in Tartu Ujula tn 1a
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A-Viimistluse OÜ

Over 15 years of experience with natural materials.

  • Clay plaster, lime plaster
  • Tadelakt
  • Marmorino, Tadelakt, Stucco
  • Natural paints and glazes
  • Stencil paintings
  • Consultations, workshops

Wanawiisi ehitus OÜ

We like authenticity and enjoy challenges, and what could be more exciting than achieving an authentic result through challenges.
Challenges that come our way when it is necessary to recreate something old, but about which there is a lack of knowledge and skills today.

The journey from disassembling the material and learning the installation techniques to updating the acquired knowledge and achieving a perfect result is what motivates us to act.

  • Reed board - reed mat installation
  • Lime plaster, clay plaster
  • Renovation of facades
  • Renovation of earth buildings and related consultations and trainings
  • Analysis of the suitability of clay soil as a material
  • Development of special mixtures from on-site materials for the renovation of a earth building

Wuni OÜ

Wuni OÜ, established in 2009, deals with both interior and exterior plastering of buildings, using traditional lime and clay plaster. The special feature of the company is the knowledge and experience to restore and preserve old brick and natural stone facades, buildings made of combined traditional materials, as well as natural stone fences. In addition, we perform various natural surface finishing solutions such as tadelakt, stucco, marble plaster and the like.

  • Lime plaster, clay plaster
  • Marmorino, Tadelakt,
  • Stucco
  • Lime paint, Clay paint, casein paint, marble lime paint, glaze solutions.
  • Restoration and conservation of old masonry
  • Grouting works
  • Laying of raw clay bricks
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Equilibre MTÜ

Loodusehituse Akadeemia teostab savikrohvi ja saviehituse töid ning ehitab väikemaju, sidudes taaskasutatud materjalid ja saviehituse.

  • Clay plaster
  • Straw and earth building consultations
  • Practical workshops on natural building

Stuko OÜ

Tööpiirkond – Kogu maailm

Tel. 56876864

Stuko pakub paigaldust ja koolitusi dekoratiivsetele viimistlustele – Marmorino, Stucco, Tadelakt ning ka savi- ja lubikrohv on meie teema. Lisaks sellele pakume ka erinevaid loodusehituslahendusi ja konsultatsioone.

Kuigi ettevõte on noor on meistritel looduslike materjalidega töökogemust aastast 2006. Dekoratiivsete krohvide maailmas oleme tegutsenud aastast 2013. Viimastel aastatel oleme erilist tähelepanu pööranud läikepahtlitele ja Tadelaktile.


Krohvilahendused OÜ

Working area - Harju County

Tel. 55695596

12 years of experience in the field of natural finishing works.
Krohvilahendused offer interesting and unique design solutions.
Heritage protection certificate for conservation and restoration work.

  • Reed board - reed mat installation
  • Lime plaster, clay plaster
  • Marmorino, Tadelakt, Stucco
  • Conservation works (limestone works, grouting)

Company name - Krohver OÜ
Working area - Estonia

Tel. 5103454

  • Clay plaster, lime plaster
  • Marmorino, Tadelakt, Stucco

Company name - Antiigiveeb OÜ
Working area - Tallinn, Harju County, Lääne-Viru County

Tel. 5208233

  • Clay plaster, lime plaster
  • Thermal plaster

Krohvikoda OÜ

Working area - Harju County

Tel. 5283680

  • Clay plaster, lime plaster
  • Marmorino, Tadelakt, Stucco

Looduskeskus OÜ

Working area – Põlva County, Võru County, Tartu County

Tel. 56505915

  • Clay plaster, lime plaster
  • COB building and ovens

Lorenz Interiors

  • Clay plaster, lime plaster
  • Marmorino, Tadelakt, Stucco

Pro Rapparit OÜ

Working area – Finland

Tel. 5283680

  • Hoonete ja fassaadide renoveerimine
  • Clay plaster, lime plaster
  • Tadelakt
  • Dekoratiivsed pinnaviimistlused

Nanocon OÜ

Working area - Tallinn, Harju County

Tel. 501 9610

  • Construction consultancy
  • General construction
  • Interior finishing
  • Clay and lime plaster
  • Marmorino
  • Lime paint
  • Clay paint

15 years of construction experience at your service - quality, cooperation, flexibility in the best sense!

  • The goal of Nanocon: To shed light on all construction-related problems and to solve them as quickly as possible and with high quality.

  • Nanocon's mission: To offer innovative solutions. We work for this every day to find more and more attractive construction opportunities.

  • Nanocon strength: 15 years of experience in developing complete solutions. We are by your side every step of the way - from concept to completion!

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why our work culture is the key word commitment, flexibility and smooth cooperation. It doesn't matter how big or small your ideas are, we approach all projects personally and with passion, offering innovative (e.g. we use modern materials) solutions.

So, regardless of whether you are a home owner, renovating your house or you are responsible for large construction projects - Your well-being is our priority!

We know that peace of mind is paramount. Therefore, you don't have to worry about tedious paperwork either, because all the necessary documents are in order before you can say: "Lime plaster."

Dreams from you, high-quality and reliable construction solutions from us!