The oven mixture is intended for laying and repairing the outer casings of fireplaces (stoves, fireplaces, stoves), chimneys, warm walls, and lesions indoors. Suitable for laying raw clay and burnt bricks as well as for filling potted stones.

UKU's high-quality oven masonry mixes consist of high-quality clay and sand carefully selected according to a special sieve curve, to which the fiber of the Cattail is added.

In addition to laying the outer casings of heating stoves, the oven mixture can also be used for the construction of partitions, load-bearing walls and walls.

Clay oven mix has very good adhesion, workability and surface strength and can withstand large temperature fluctuations. UKU's high-quality oven mixes are 100% natural and recyclable.

Color: dark red, blue (red, brown, gray also available on request)
Grain size: 0–2 mm
Maximum joint thickness:
6–8 mm
Packaging: 25 kg bag

Product guide

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