Raw clay brick (CEB) compressed earth block, is a pressed raw clay brick that has not been fired. Unburned raw clay bricks are building stones formed from clay and sand, which are suitable for use in the construction of both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls.

In addition to building walls, clay bricks produced by UKU are also used for the construction and laying of stoves, ovens, fireplaces, and heating walls.

Compressed earth blocks are unburned and, as a result, retain their unique heat-accumulating and moisture-regulating properties. These properties disappear during firing process of regular bricks.

Clay regulates indoor humidity in a natural way. In the case of moist air, the walls made of CEB-s absorbs excess moisture, but with dry air it separates the moisture back into the room. Raw compressed earth blocks are suitable for allergy sufferers because they keep the humidity close to 50%, which prevents the formation of mold.

Due to their large mass, earth blocks have the ability to store heat and release it during the colder period, reducing large temperature fluctuations in the building.

Dimensions: 295x140x90 mm; 295x140x70 mm; 295x140x50 mm (upon order we can produce bricks of different thickness)
Color: red, gray (brown, dark red, blue, yellow on request)

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