CEB - compressed earth block

Raw clay brick, or pressed clay block, is a clay brick that is unfired. Known in English as CEB - compressed earth block. Unfired raw clay bricks are building stones formed from clay and sand, which are suitable for use in the construction of both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls.

Clay bricks produced in Southern Estonia are used for the construction and laying of ovens, stoves, fireplaces and thermal walls in addition to the construction of walls. Raw clay bricks are also widely used in the renovation of clay houses, when it is necessary to fill larger openings and cracks in the wall.

Raw clay bricks are suitable for allergy sufferers because they keep the humidity close to 50%, which inhibits the formation of mold

UKU raw clay bricks are unfired, and thanks to this, their unique heat-accumulating and moisture-regulating properties have been preserved. These properties disappear when burned.

Clay regulates indoor air humidity in a natural way. In humid air, the raw clay brick wall absorbs excess moisture, but in dry air, it releases moisture back into the room.

Due to their large mass, earth blocks have the ability to store heat and release it during the colder period, reducing large temperature fluctuations in the building.

Color: red, gray
Dimensions: 295x140x90mm; 295x140x70mm; 295x140x50mm


How to order?

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  • If possible, pictures or video of the room and surface
  • Contact information (name, phone)
  • If you want our transport, the address where you want to receive the goods

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