How to order?

Contact us at

• Let us know what is the existing substrate that you want to finish.
• If you have the opportunity, send a picture or video of the substrates.
• Is it a living room, a wet room or a facade?
• Measure the surfaces and send us the square meters of the surface to be finished.
• Try to describe which surface finish appeals to you.
• Contact information (name, phone)
• If you want transport from us, send us the address where you want to receive the goods.

How to buy UKU finishing materials?

UKU finishes can be ordered worldwide and have already been installed in more than thirty different countries.
If you order materials from Mooste, we will send them to the address of your choice or to the nearest parcel machine.
If there is a UKU dealer near you, you can also order our products from them and, if available, buy them locally.

If you want to become a UKU partner yourself, read on from B2B page.

How to order samples?

UKU products can be purchased both in powder form and as a sample on a 205x275mm plate.
UKU plasters and paints are available also in 1kg or 2.5kg small packages.
We always recommend ordering a smaller quantity and making a test patch on the wall to make sure the product and shade suit you.

UKU masters make samples on Fermacell board in size 205x275mm or 360x495mm.
Product samples are also suitable later as an interior design element.
If you would like a sample of a specific material, send us a letter at and we will then send you an offer.

What finishes do we have in our selection?

Both smooth and structural surfaces can be created with UKU finishing materials.
The finished surface can feel velvety smooth, shiny, matte, rough or have a coarse-grained structure.
With UKU products, you can create special surfaces that are amplified by your imagination.
View and compare different textures in our gallery.