Lime fine finish

Lime fine finish plaster has excellent adhesive properties, superior workability, and good surface strength. It is well suited for the final layer of lime plastered surfaces. Fine finishing lime plaster can be coated directly onto plasterboard, gypsum fibreboard, Fermacell, or Steico to reduce the time of application.
UKU lime finishing plasters can be tinted with natural pigments or with up to 10% added fine finish clay plasters.

Particle size: 0-1mm / 0-0,5mm
Color: White, tinted with lime-resistant pigments.
Maximum layer thickness: 3mm / 2mm
Consumption: 3-5kg/m2 depending on the thickness of the layer and the smoothness of the substrate
Available as a dry mix.
Packing: 25kg bag / 20kg bag (from 10t. pre-order in Bigbag).

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