Lime for a healthy indoor climate

Throughout times, lime plaster has proved its worth in extreme climate conditions all around the globe: in Greek islands, Moroccan desert heat, in houses resisting the high waters in Venice, buildings along the Scandinavian shoreline as well as in Estonian climate with four alternating seasons. Lime plaster is a material of choice for a conscious person who wants their house to last for ages wishing to provide the best sustainable home decor for its inhabitants.
The collection of UKU lime products contains traditional base and finish layers, as well as exciting mixtures with an exotic touch, designed for specialized techniques. Lime, having a broad range of applications both indoors and outdoors, including high humidity environments, is a natural material rich in possibilities.

Lime plasters in the UKU product range are inspired by the traditional lime formula of aggregate and high-quality binders. They are selected using a precise grading curve and tested according to the lime plaster standard (our lime belongs to quality class CL-90).
Among our lime products are also lime paints for protecting the plaster and various special mixtures, such as lime stucco and own Estonian Tadelakt called Gekolakt. Supported by our longstanding experience in renovation, we have developed special mortars for masonry and repointing, as well as special plinth plasters with hydraulic lime. 

All our mixtures are manufactured using renewable energy. The power needed is being produced by the solar park located on the roof of our production building. To supply our customers with stable and standard-compliant products, both the raw materials as well as the final products, undergo quality control. Our objective is to provide products of minimal ecological footprint. We believe that the good qualities of lime plasters offer an excellent alternative to cement plasters in the modern construction scene.


Unique gloss finish surface, a tradition like Venetian gloss finish.
For absorbent clay, lime and other plastered surfaces, gypsum (fiber) board, etc. for finishing.
Particle size: 0-0,2 mm
Consumption: 0,3-0,5 kg/m2
Color: White, tinted with lime-resistant pigments
Available in dry mix.
Packaged: 10 kg bag, 5 kg, 1 kg

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