Clay blocks

Clay blocks are unfired compressed blocks manufactured mechanically consisting of clay, sand and plant fiber components

Clay blocks are mainly used in construction of inner walls and as an insulation layer for bearing walls. Clay blocks have no significant bearing capasity so mainly they can be used between timber or metall framework. The use of precut material enables to quicken the construction process. Saviukumaja offers blocks with different density and measures. For masonry work we offer clay- and limemortars and clay blocks with different dimensions

Massive clay blocks

As the density of these blocks is greater it is possible to use them in bearing walls also in the places where loads are not too big. Due to the great consistency of clay all good properties of clay are more notable in massive clay block walls than in light-clay block walls.

Light-clay blocks

The proportion of light additives in these blocks is pretty high hence the density of blocks is smaller, the insulation and acoustic properties are better. Due to mentioned properties light-clay blocks are suitable for inner and non-bearing walls.

Clay-blocks with different density and dimensions

340 x 170 x 100 mm 300-600 kg/m³; 800-1200 kg/m³; 1200-1800 kg/m³
340 x 170 x 150 mm 300-600 kg/m³; 800-1200 kg/m³; 1200-1800 kg/m³