Jute fabric

Natural way to reinforce the clay and lime plasters

We recommend using Saviukumaja´s Jute fabric to reinforce plaster in the second layer when plastering wooden surfaces (logs, timber frame, boarding, chipboards and other wood-based boards with a smooth surface).

Jute is extracted from the bark of the white jute plant (Corchorus capsularis) and to a lesser extent from tossa jute (C. olitorius). It is a natural fibre with golden and silky shine and hence called the Golden Fibre.

Jute is long, soft and shiny, with a length of 1 to 4 m and a diameter of from 17 to 20 microns. Jute fibres are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose (major component of plant fibre) and lignin (major components of wood fibre). Jute fibre is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly. [Source: www.fao.org]

Jute fabric

Jute fabric 50.0 m 1.0 m 5 x 5 mm