Mortar for masonry heaters

An excellent clay mortar loved by masons

Saviukumaja’s Clay mortar for masonry heaters is 100% natural and produced using solar energy. An especially good combination with raw earth blocks, such as, compressed earth blocks and adobes, but also suitable for burnt clay bricks.


Saviukumaja´ s Clay mortar for masonry heaters is a dry mixture, which comprises top-quality clay, 0-2 mm sand that has been carefully selected using a grading curve, and fibre of cattail.


Saviukumaja’s Clay mortars for masonry heaters are designed for laying and repairing the external structures of fireplaces (not to be used in the firebox), chimneys, hot walls, and stove-benches in indoor conditions. Suitable for laying both raw earth and burnt clay bricks, and filling tiles.

Colour range

Dark red, blue. Red, brown, and grey via special order.

Base surface

The stone must be absorbent, have good adhesive properties, and clean from dust, paints, and lubricants (oil, grease, etc.).


We recommend using Saviukumaja’s Finish clay plastersFine finish clay plastersFinish lime plaster or Fine finish lime plasters for post-jointing and overall plastering. If you use Finish clay plaster as the final layer, we recommend applying Saviukumaja’s Primer on the surface. You can also cover your heater with Saviukumaja´s Gekolakt, in order to achieve especially exclusive and unique surface.

Mortar for masonry heaters (0-2 mm)

25 kg 0,5-1,5kg/block Cattail Dark red, blue