Reed mat

A Natural product for plastering and decoration.

Saviukumaja’s Reed mat has two usages – it can be used as a base mat under clay and lime plaster (the thin mat) or as a decorative element in the interiors and gardens (the thick mat).

We recommend using a Thin reed mat when plastering wooden surfaces (logs, boarding, chipboards and other wood-based boards with a smooth surface). Use a Saviukumaja´s reed board if additional thermal or sound insulation is needed. We recommend using a fully covering jute fabric from Saviukumaja’s selection to reinforce plaster in the second layer (with an overlay of 7–10 cm).

Thin reed mat

Thin reed mat 1.60 x 6.50 m 10.40 m²    

Thick reed mat

Thick reed mat 1.0 x 6.25 m 6.25 m²    
Thick reed mat 1.6 x 6.25 m 10.0 m²    
Thick reed mat 2.0 x 6.25 m 12.5 m²