Reed mulch

A Natural product for furbishing, made of Estonian reed.

Saviukumaja’s Reed mulch is used as a sealer in furbishing. Reed mulch reduces proliferating of weed, retains soil humidity and steady temperature.

Further, it is environment-friendly. Reed mulch is suitable for strawberry plants, since it prevents berries from getting dirty during rain. It helps to increase humus level.

The advantages of this reed are so many than is possible to use it in many diferent situations. First of all the swamp reed is an invasive plant, which means it grows practically all over the world, everywhere the ground is rich of water like rivers, swamps (as the name suggests) and few-salted seas (as in Estonia).

It has great behaviour with moisture which is its natural habitat. Its life cycle is shorter than one year long: it grows during the late spring and summer until the autumn when it dies spontaneously loosing all the humidity during the winter. Therefore cutting the reeds during late winter or first spring means it is not necessary to dry the plants.

Reed mulch

Reed mulch 200 L/bag