UKU products

Treat yourself to sustainable luxury in the form of high-quality and natural finishing materials.
By using UKU products, you know that you have made a choice that is for the highest good of you, your home and planet Earth.
Come with us on this journey, be part of UKU’s journey – make an informed choice and promise yourself the best!

Clay products are an ideal choice for finishing dry interior spaces.
Clay is the binder with the lowest energy consumption.
Clay has an excellent ability to maintain the humidity of the room between 40-60%, which is the best for the human body. Natural and pure clay hues create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere indoors.

Clay plasters, clay putties and clay paints are easy to install and are very suitable for the self-builder due to the longer processing time.

Lime products are the best choice for damp rooms and facades.
Lime plasters are well suited for public spaces and surfaces with greater load.
Smooth lime-based finishes are the first choice in shower corners or when you want to wash the walls.

Lime plasters, lime putties and lime paints are also suitable for hospitals, spas and hotels, where there are higher demands on finishing materials.

Reed mats have been used in construction for centuries and are health and environmentally friendly as a material.

Thin reed mats and dense insulative reed boards are particularly suitable base materials for the use of clay and lime plaster in both renovation works and new constructions.

Building boards are intended for covering with clay plasters and lime plasters. Use them to cover interior walls, light partitions, cover wooden post and beam structures, and also ceilings.

UKU resells Italian pigments that create a colorful experience and give the opportunity to create infinite color ranges.
Pigments can be used to tint finishing plasters and paints to create a tone that you like.

This category includes auxiliary materials for plastering, such as jute mesh for reinforcing clay plasters, fiberglass meshes for installation in lime plasters, as well as several primers for the protection of plaster surfaces and painted surfaces.