Thin reed mat

The thin reed mat is a base mat for plaster, which is made of natural reed. The reeds are sewn together in parallel with a thin stainless wire. The reed mat is suitable for use as a plaster base material both indoors (walls, ceilings) and outdoors (walls).

Thin reed mat for plastering 10m² / roll (1.6 x 6.25m)

Reed board

Reed board
Reed board is produced for two different purposes – as a plaster baseboard and for use in interior design, ie, as a decorative board, which is made of the best quality reed. Reed panels are environmentally friendly and have been used in construction for centuries.

It is possible to order boards of 60, 90 and 150 cm wide and longer than 2 m.

Reed board 1.2m² / board, 2.5cm thick (0.6 x 2m)
Reed board 1.2m² / board, 5cm thick (0.6 x 2m)