Thin reed mat

Thin reed mat is a base mat for plaster made from natural reed. Reed straws are sewn parallel to each other with thin stainless wire. Reed mat is suitable for use as a base material for plaster both indoors (walls, ceilings) and outdoors (walls).

Thin reed mat for plastering 10m²/roll (1.6 x 6.25m)

Reed mat can be used on a flat or slightly uneven solid wall, a hewn log wall, as well as a frame wall with planks or a wooden building board. To achieve an exemplary result, the continuations of the mats should be continued from the ends of the reeds with an overlay.

You don’t need to wet the reed mat before plastering on it.

Thin reed mat for plastering binds the base layers of plaster very effectively and securely. One base layer is usually enough, on which a second layer of plaster is applied, in which a jute net is installed as reinforcement. When the lower layers of plaster have dried, the surface of the base plaster is finished with natural UKU colors or finishing plasters.