Reinforcement nets and fiber additives for plasters

Inside the plaster, the net is used for reinforcing purposes.



Jute mesh, or jute, is a natural fiber obtained from the stems of the jute plant, and is one of the most common vegetable fiber materials.
The jute is used as a reinforcement mesh in plasters.
This braided jute fabric is specially developed for use in the reinforcement of clay, lime and other plasters.

Jute products are highly valued for their durability. Jute fiber is one of the strongest vegetable fiber materials.
They are environmentally friendly and healthy (do not cause allergies). Jute is also considered to be the best protector against the harmful effects of geopathic zones.

Jute mesh
Mesh width – 100cm
Meters in roll - 50m (50m2)

Jute is a plant that could be conditionally compared to our reeds. It is a tropical moisture-tolerant plant that grows to a height of three to four meters.
Jute fibers bind water (moisture), leaving it practically dry.
Jute is one of the most durable natural fiber materials.


Fiberglass mesh is intended for reinforcing plaster surfaces both indoors (mainly for plastering walls or ceilings) and on facades.
Fiberglass mesh reduces the risk of cracking of plastered surfaces.

Fiberglass reinforcement mesh offers reliable and permanent reinforcement to plaster systems, with high tear and tensile strength and alkali resistance.

Fiberglass mesh 5.5 x 5.5 mm
Mesh width – 100cm
Meters in roll - 100m (100m2)

Fiberglass mesh 11 x 11mm
Mesh width – 100cm
Meters in roll - 50m (50m2)