Natural finishing materials will delight your customers and enrich their selection

The use of natural finishing products and building materials is a growing trend worldwide. Healthy and beautiful-looking natural products are a sought-after goods that more and more homeowners want to be part of.

We believe in sustainable living. We keep 10,000-year-old construction techniques alive, add modern possibilities to them and pass them on to new generations.

We produce the world’s best quality clay and lime-based finishing products in Northern Europe, Estonia, in the ancient Mooste manor. We live and breathe what we do with love.

Your benefits in our partnership

Health and environment friendly - the new norm

True sustainability is very important to us. We believe that every company that wants to be a big player in the future is already thinking about the health and environmental friendliness and ecological footprint of its operations today.

If you are a distributor or use our materials in your customers homes, you are making an environmentally conscious choice with our products, which is a win-win for everyone.

With UKU’s luxurious and sustainable products, you open the doors to a more informed customer and thereby contribute to the creation of a cleaner environment.

Our products do not contain toxic substances and volatile organic compounds, the room finished with them always promotes healthy and clean air.

In addition to the fact that UKU materials have a good effect on health, their production is also environmentally friendly – we use solar energy and 100% pure and natural raw materials. If you compare the energy consumption of our products with the production of finishing materials based on cement and gypsum, it is essentially non-existent.

All our products are recyclable, compostable and clay plasters are even reusable.

Highest quality

If your client asks you for the highest quality finishing materials, you can safely offer them UKU products. We do not compromise on quality.

All our finishing materials are durable and long lasting. You just need to install them correctly, for which you can get comprehensive advice and help from us.

All UKU plaster mixes are certified.

Clay plasters are tested according to the German quality standard (DIN 18947:2013) and qualify for the highest strength class S II. UKU lime plasters comply with the EN 998-1 standard.

Our products have been thoroughly tested in various universities both in Estonia and elsewhere. The Royal Swedish Institute of Technology, for example, studied the antibacterial properties of our products, based on which it is safe to say that our finishing materials are also perfect for hospitals.

Cooperation with universities also includes guiding students in the implementation of their theses. We help to scientifically investigate the properties of natural building materials and have participated in more than twenty natural materials research projects around the world.

Products for both indoor and outdoor conditions

Among the UKU selection, you can find products for both indoor and outdoor conditions, both residential and commercial buildings. They are suitable for the restoration of historical buildings as well as for the finishing of new houses.

Our experts suggest a suitable installation system and advise on everything else.

Our colors and finishing materials have a wide selection of shades and surface structures, there are smooth and structured, modern and historical options.

Tailored solutions

We believe that there is a natural and beautiful solution for every project. If you or your customer cannot find a suitable product in our selection, let us know and we will develop the exact right material or color.

Describe your project to us and we will adapt the corresponding finishing solutions. We are very flexible and we are happy about a successful solution together with you. We can consult you from the beginning to the end of the project and offer on-site supervision if desired.

Support and information

If you do not have enough experience with using natural finishing materials, we will share all our knowledge and information about the best installation methods with you.

Comprehensive trainings

We offer regular training and education for both amateurs and experienced masters.

If necessary, we will come directly to the object, invite us! We will put together a training course that is suitable for your team, which will further improve your skills and expertise.

We will find a suitable applicator

In the case of larger projects, we also come to help with installation or offer a supervisor service.

We have a network of the best professional installers, among whom we can find the experienced master who is the best fit for your project, no matter in which country it is located.


In order to get a correct feel of the material, we recommend ordering a product sample in a small package from us. Plasters and paints are available in 1kg or 2.5kg packages.

If you wish, we will send a sample of the color or finishing mixture applied to a Fermacell plasterboard (205×275 or 360×495 mm). Samples finished on top of the plate can be used as a beautiful and unique decorative element in interior design.

How to order samples?

To order a sample, please send a letter to Describe which material sample you want and we will send you an offer within a couple of working days.

Cooperate with us

If you believe that the future belongs to natural materials, and learning to use them will guarantee you an early advantage, then tell us about yourself. We really like to communicate with nice people and share our best knowledge with them.

If you are an installer, architect or interior designer, represent an interior design or construction store, be sure to contact us and supplement your assortment with UKU products. We promise that your customers will be very happy.

We are waiting for your call or letter even if you want to set up your own production with our support and help. Natural raw materials are available everywhere in the world, so it makes sense to produce locally. We help set up production according to the specifics of your region and raw material.

We have satisfied customers and cooperation partners from more than 30 countries. They appreciate the exceptionally high quality of our products and the thorough and professional knowledge of our team.

Come, be a part of them!

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Triin Eensaar

Sales manager