Become UKU – Pure Earth sales partner

UKU – Pure Earth is seeking new sales partners around the world interested in spreading the widest selection of natural finishing materials made of lime and clay. Get more customers and a more significant turnover with our luxurious and sustainable products. It is a unique opportunity to create together a healthy and beautiful living environment.

Why do our customers rate our products so highly?

  • We offer products with a great variety of aesthetics, while never compromising with sustainability
  • All the products are 100% natural, non-toxic and VOC-free, therefore creating a healthy living environment and also being healthy to work with
  • In our product range you can find natural paints, polished plasters, fine finish plasters, base coat plasters and many more, enabling us to offer a sustainable solution for almost every design challenge

Your benefits in our partnership


You will have more customers because

  • there is a growing need for sustainable products in construction and interior design
  • you can reach customers who value both beautiful design and sustainability


Your customers will be highly satisfied with the products because

  • the products are thoroughly tested and of highest quality
  • the products are durable and long-lasting
  • the products are certified


You will have positive impact on the ecological footprint of your company because

  • our products are manufactured with solar power
  • all our products are recyclable, reusable or compostable


You can have additional services according to your needs because

  • we can create custom-made products for specific projects
  • we provide installation help or supervision for bigger projects


You will be an expert of our products because

  • we share with you all our knowledge and best practices
  • we offer regular training
  • we deal quickly with all your questions and concerns


It will be easy to present our products to your customers because

  • we have a wide selection of marketing materials, which we develop continuously
  • we have diverse samples to satisfy different needs
  • we put a strong effort to brand awareness


You can work with wide range of projects because

  • we have products for indoors and outdoors
  • our products are suitable for renovation works of historical buildings and for new constructions
  • our products are suitable for residential and commercial projects
  • our products are suitable for a variety of surfaces, like walls, ceilings, fireplaces, wet rooms, facades and many more

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