Lime paint is a matte paint with good coverage, which adds personality to smooth surfaces, leaving a light texture on the surface. Natural white lime paint can be tinted with a wide range of pigments. UKU lime paint is ideal for painting both historic and modern buildings indoors and outdoors.

Lime marmorino is a finishing plaster with a satin natural stone and a marble-like surface, which creates an aesthetically beautiful atmosphere in the room. Its natural white color can be tinted with all alkali resistant natural pigments. Lime marmorino is suitable for indoor use, including wet rooms.

Lime stucco is a glossy finishing plaster that can be used to create an almost mirror-like smooth surface. By mixing with pigments, it is possible to create an endless selection of different shades. Lime stucco is mainly used for finishing lime plasters and other mineral plasters indoors, including in damp rooms such as bathrooms or showers.

Lime grassello

High gloss finishing plaster for mirror effects.
Grassello lime filler is our flagship product for effective finishes.
Suitable for interiors as well as damp rooms for a mirror-smooth and glossy finish.

Tadelakt is an elegant lime-finishing plaster that creates a smooth water-repellent surface and allows plastering the entire wall without joints, being a great alternative to ceramic tiles. The silky surface with a special gloss covered with Tadelakt hides in itself the strength of natural stone and is waterproof, also suitable for finishing surfaces in direct contact with water.

Lime filler

UKU lime filler leaves a smooth and matte surface.
It is possible to create different levels and patterns.
It is very suitable as a base for lime grassello, stucco and marmorino.

UKU marble lime plasters have very good adhesion and surface strength and are therefore well suited for even the most demanding surfaces. There are two different shades to choose from, both in two fractions, both thinner and thicker. Marble lime plaster can be tinted with natural clay plasters or pigments. Marble lime plasteri s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lime finishing plaster
Lime finishing plaster is a well-known finishing material and a smart choice for creating a better indoor climate and making structures more fireproof. Lime finishing plaster is perfect for both facades and interiors, including damp rooms.

Lime base coat plaster is used for plastering as a filling layer or as a finishing layer with a robust structure. Lime primer is often used to repair old lime plaster and to lay bricks or stones. Suitable for plastering various surfaces both outdoors and indoors, including bathrooms.

Hydraulic lime plaster is suitable for use on various substrates, the properties and moisture regime of which require a mixture with hydraulic properties (eg stone foundation, plinths). UKU hydraulic lime plaster mixtures are 100% natural and created inspired by old traditions.