Lime marmorino

Lime marmorino is a finishing plaster with a satin natural stone and a marble-like surface, which creates an aesthetically beautiful atmosphere in the room. Its natural white color can be tinted with all alkali resistant natural pigments. Lime marmorino is suitable for indoor use, including wet rooms.

Already known in ancient Rome, marmorino is produced from high-quality natural raw materials and is splash-proof and water-repellent, making it suitable for use even in very demanding conditions.

Originating from the Roman era, marmorino became especially popular during the Renaissance period, where aesthetic requirements were not optional, but necessary

Lime marmorino is often used to finish hotel rooms, offices, luxury bathrooms and saunas, being an elegant, strong and durable material. Marmorino has different finishing options: satin-matt or glossy.

Marmorino mimics the relief of the substrate, which allows you to finish curved surfaces, cover niches and protruding forms. Surfaces finished with lime marmorino are easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Suitable substrates:
Gypsum board (Knauf, Fermacell) plastered
Plasters (lime plaster, mineral plasters)

Color: white. Can be tinted with pigments
Grain size: 0–0,5mm
Consumption: 1-1,5kg/m²
Packaging: 1kg bucket, 5kg bucket, 10kg bucket

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