Clay board

Clay board is a quick wall solution that saves time on plaster installation. Clay boards are renowned for their strength and valuable properties of clay.

Clay building boards are ideal for interior construction work. They are suitable for covering interior walls, light partitions, wooden post and beam structures, and ceilings.

The clay board is suitable for both new construction projects and for renovating existing buildings.


Heavy board
16 mm 1250 x 625mm [0,781m²] – 23kg/m²
22 mm 1250 x 625mm [0,781m²] – 32kg/m²

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Gypsum board contains gypsum and recycled paper. The two natural materials are mixed into a uniform mixture and water (without binders) is added, and a stable and odorless building board is pressed under high pressure. It is dried and cut to the required size (the world’s largest plate dimensions are 2.54 x 6 m).


Gypsum fibreboard is resistant to mechanical shocks, fireproof (A2 EN 13501-1, i.e., from 30 minutes), sound insulating, moisture resistant, load-bearing structure, and stiffness board. All these properties in ONE panel for new buildings as well as buildings under renovation.

FERMACELL’s design solutions increase the usable area of buildings. Moisture resistance is also tested and issued by SITAC in Sweden. Fermacell gypsum board is inspected by ECO INSTITUT and IBR (Rosenheim Institute of Building Biology). Thus, the name of a product that is safe for human health has been proven.

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Woodfibre board

Wooden fibreboard is often used to reduce step noise in the manufacture of floors, as a wall, ceiling, roof insulation, internal and external cladding in buildings, and thermal and sound insulation. There are pin mounts on each side of the module.

Dimensions – 600 x 1800 mm (with joint)
Thickness – 25 and 50 mm
With Tongue and Groove joints


100% natural wood fibre
Additional thermal insulation
Sound insulation
Possible to plaster
Natural and breathable material
Avoid thermal bridges without taping
Protects construction from weather conditions
For both interior and exterior construction work
With tongue and groove joints

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