Thanks to its good adhesion, marble lime plaster is suitable for finishing gypsum boards and for finishing all modern and historical plasters.

UKU marble finishing plaster is suitable for the harsh Nordic climate and also can handle dry desert heat. Marble lime plaster is extremely plastic and is easy to install, being the top quality of today's possibilities.

Color: white/snow white
Grain size: 0–1mm / 0–0,5 mm
Suitable substrates: Can be installed directly on gypsum board, Fermacell or Steico woodfibre board or any other fibreboard (isoboard).
Maximum layer thickness: 5 mm / 2 mm
0-1mm plaster - 3,5-5 kg/1 m²
0-0,5mm plaster - 0,85-2,5 kg/1 m²
Packaging: 25 kg bag

Product guide 0-0,5
Product guide 0-1