Lime stucco

Lime stucco is a glossy finishing plaster that can be used to create an almost mirror-like smooth surface. By mixing with pigments, it is possible to create an endless selection of different shades. Lime stucco is mainly used for finishing lime plasters and other mineral plasters indoors, including in damp rooms such as bathrooms or showers.

UKU lime stucco is like a work of art, the patterns reflected in the silky surface create a luxurious atmosphere with just a few thin coats

Lime stucco is a splash-proof and water-repellent 100% natural lime-based finish, suitable for allergy sufferers and is free of harmful volatile organic compounds.

It is inspired by the Venetian stucco-lustro technique. Stucco is very easy to maintain and has a lifespan of hundreds of years

Suitable substrates:
Gypsum board (Knauf, Fermacell) plastered
Plasters (lime plaster, mineral plasters)

Color: white. Can be tinted with pigments
Grain size: 0–0,2mm
Consumption: 0,4-0,6kg/m²
Packaging: 1kg bucket, 5kg bucket, 10kg bucket

How to order?

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