Tadelakt is a 100% natural decorative lime-finishing plaster inspired by Morocco. UKU tadelakt is an innovative Estonian product that follows thousands of years of exotic traditions. It has been produced using solar energy and regional natural materials.

Tadelakt is suitable for use in bathrooms and showers and is also popular in living rooms and offices. Tadelakt is a good choice for creating decorative elements, such as pots, bowls, spheres, shelves in the bathroom or kitchen, etc.

The finished surface is water-repellent and joint-free, thanks to which it is also suitable for finishing wet rooms, shower enclosures, bathtubs and sinks. Tadelakt follows the relief of the substrate, which allows you to create curved surfaces, cover niches and protruding forms.

UKU tadelakt is a white color dry lime plaster mixture that requires only water. Adding pigments allows you to create an endless selection of tones.

Traditional tadelakt techniques and tools must be used to obtain a water-repellent surface: polishing stone, olive oil soap and commitment. The result is an exclusive and unique surface.

Color: white. Can be tinted with colored soils.
Grain size: 0–1 mm
Suitable substrates: hydraulic lime plaster
Consumption: 3 kg/1 m²
Packaging: 2,5 kg bucket, 10 kg bucket, 20 kg bucket

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