Saviukumaja OÜ is a company that produces natural building and finishing materials. It was founded in 2006, on the solid foundation of wisdom passed down through many generations. Today; Saviukumaja focuses on sale and production of high quality clay and lime based building mixtures.  In the early years, the company was engaged in construction services as well as plastering work, but also in object-based production of materials. The ample know-how and experience collected by the UKU craftsmen during the starting period has now been put to practice to develop the best building mixtures. Our constant desire for improvement and keeping up with the times is the driving force of UKU team, in consideration of our own Estonian clay building tradition – as it is unique.  Every day, our UKU team is working hard to uphold the historical building materials.  With every new product, we take a bow to the craftsmen somewhere on the Earth, who have, for generations worked and gained virtuosity by using the mixtures based on natural binders.

Indrek Kerbo müügijuht sales manager.jpg

Indrek answers the phone directly at  UKU’s headquarters and is happy to solve our customers current issues.  Deals with daily sales and consulting.  Indrek also takes care of material supply used in our products, so that the production keeps working and warehouse is not out of raw materials all of a sudden. He makes sure the warehouse shelves are packed with UKU’s clay and lime mixes,  ready to be sent out to our contributors. 

Sales manager
Speaks English

Martin Hütt UKU toodete koolitaja.jpg

Martin Hütt


All the important projects land to Martin’s desk and are examined with his professional eagle eye . He is there for the projects from the very beginning-starting from offer state to the professional managaging on site until the final papers are signed. Martin makes important decisions, keeps projects running and solves problems before even any of them can rise. He has longterm know-how about consulting, production, development of the products and as a leading UKU trainer.

Project manager/product trainer
Speaks English

Marko Kikas founder of UKU.jpg

Marko Kikas


Marko=UKU. Marko is a visionary, who has made a successful enterprise literally out of the soil. The earth building wisdom inherited from grandfather and father as well as numerous inspirational trips all around the world, has been put in Saviukumaja product line. If there were no Marko and his boundless know-how about the natural building, Estonia would be so much poorer in earth buildings for now as well of the quality clay and lime products.

Founder of UKU  

Maxim Matt Saviukumaja.jpg

Maksim Matt

Master of UKU materials. Maksim is a perfectionist who creates elegant and life-like beautiful samples of our materials. Maksim takes the time in his daily schedule to introduce our products to customers and kindly show them the basics of material application and some tricks of the installation.

Speaks Russian

Raido Kangro Saviukumaja .jpg

Raido Kangro

Raido is responsible of producing the UKU materials and that the warehouse is working effectively and smoothly. What is as important as that- everything Raido does, he does it with a smile and is superhelpful at all times.

Production specialist/warehouse manager


Matthew Mitt

Man, who has knowledge in many fields- what’s concerning production, development of production line, building or welding and so on…

Production specialist

Craftsmen in Estonia

Saviukumaja's cooperation partners network - resellers and craftsmen.

Krohwin OÜ

Clay and lime plastering, Gekolakt, Tadelakt

A-Viimistluse OÜ

Clay and lime plastering, Gekolakt, Tadelakt

Wanawiisi ehitus OÜ

Clay and lime plastering, Earth building renovation, Gekolakt, Tadelakt

Loodusehitus OÜ

Clay and lime plastering, straw bale house construction and plastering, earth building.

Looduskeskus OÜ

Clay and lime plastering; cob ovens, interior walls and furniture

Equilibre MTÜ

Clay and lime plastering, straw bale house construction and plastering, earth building.

Antiigiveeb OÜ

Clay and lime plastering, Gekolakt, Tadelakt

Tuli Ja Suits OÜ

Sustainable design heaters, chimney sweep

Ladvamaja OÜ

Clay and lime plastering

Resellers and craftsmen in Finland

The Natural Building Company

Reseller, clay and lime plastering, straw bale house construction, natural building.

Antiikki & Restaurointi


Suomen Luonnonmaalit Oy


Roseborg Oy


Tulisydän Oy

Reseller, sale, construction and renovation of mass heaters

Resellers and craftsmen in Germany

Lehmbaustoffe Schleusner


Resellers and craftsmen in Denmark

Small Planet SMBA


Resellers and craftsmen in Lithuania

UAB Ecococon

Reseller, clay and lime plastering, prefabricated straw bale house construction

Sveika Statyba

Reseller, clay and lime plastering, natural building materials

Resellers and craftsmen in Latvia

SIA Eko Deko

Clay and lime plastering, natural building


Lime and clay plastering

Cooperation partners

NGO Eestimaaehitus


Mooste Manor


Estonian University of Life Sciences


Tallinn University of Technology


University of Tartu


NGO Vanaajamaja


Oskam V/F


Europäische Bildungsstätte für Lehmbau


TTS Työtehoseura


Göteborgs Universitet


Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board


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This Website was developed with the support of Leader Estonia.

The aim of the project was to increase the ability of Saviukumaja to market and sell its products.
We want to take Saviukumaja to a new level of development by developing a professional visual identity.

We made the following investments:
- branding (logo update, packaging renewal, image and data sheets and branding).
- design and development of a new multilingual website.
- marketing, sales, export consultancy.