Who is Saviukumaja or UKU?

We are glad that you are interested in natural construction and finishing materials.

We are enthusiasts of the old clay building culture and we want all people to be able to live in homes built from healthy and clean materials. That is why we produce natural materials.

UKU’s initiator and conscience is Marko Kikas. A man with traditional construction techniques in his blood. His grandfather already built clay houses in South Estonia, and even though Marko never met his grandfather, the old teachings still reached him through his plasterer father.

However, after learning to be a builder and working in modern construction for a few years, he felt the call to return to old methods and materials. He furthered himself in Germany and Mexico and in 2006 founded the company Saviukumaja, which produces natural finishing materials.

UKU - Expert in natural finishing materials

Today, Saviukumaja has become UKU, which produces the highest quality building mixes, whose team consists of true fans and experts in their field. We have traveled all over the world and mixed the traditional knowledge of different peoples into modern natural building mixes.

Not only that we produce such mixtures ourselves, several of us also live in houses built using our products. We know what we are doing and understand what to want from such materials. That’s how good things happen.

With more than 20 years of practice in natural construction, we have achieved mastery with which we feel confident in building both a cozy northern forest house and a residence of an Arabian desert prince. We are experts in natural finishing materials, whom you can contact with any question.

All our products are recyclable and compostable, chemical and toxic free and VOC free. We invest time and resources in ensuring the purity of our products; we do not use shortcuts that could in any way harm the quality of the products or nature.

Traditional materials, new technologies

We are constantly improving our finishing compounds and have involved universities from Estonia, Finland, and Sweden in their testing and analysis. Everything we promise about one or another material has been proven by tests.

UKU Pure Earth’s world-class finishing mixes and luxurious and modern colors are produced using modern technology in the old Mooste manor in Põlva County. This is no accident either. We believe that just as a person’s place of residence is important, the conditions under which they are made are important for products.

If you don’t find the material that exactly matches your wish or need in our selection, feel free to let us know. For us, every such challenge is exciting and we will gladly help you realize your dream.

We are at your service, whether you are from the forests of South Estonia or a prince from the land of a thousand and one nights.