Clay paint

Clay paint is velvety matte and a slightly structural natural color. We have created a rich choice of shades by combining different colored clays. By mixing clay colors together or adding colored soils, you can create new shades you like.

UKU clay paints are environmentally friendly and 100% natural, do not contain volatile organic compounds or synthetic preservatives and are odorless. The creamy clay paint has good coverage and adds personality even to smooth surfaces, leaving a light structure on the surface.

In terms of its aesthetic appeal, UKU clay paint has a distinctive and unique texture that gives walls and surfaces a warm and rustic look

Clay paint is easy to install, it is suitable for covering walls and ceilings in dry rooms, as well as for finishing stoves, fireplaces, and ovens. Surfaces covered with clay paint are matt and pastel and do not reflect light. The clay paint does not impede the water vapor binding properties of the substrate.

UKU’s natural clay paint is a versatile and sustainable product that offers many benefits for both the environment and human health. The unique properties of clay paint make it an ideal choice for those who want to create a beautiful, healthy and environmentally friendly living space.

Suitable substrates: plaster (clay plaster, lime plaster, mineral plasters), stone (brick, structural concrete), building block (Bauroc, Fibo, Columbia).

Color: over 30 colors
Grain size: 0–0,2 mm
Consumption: 200-400g, depending on the number of paint layers and the evenness of the substrate
Packaging: 1 kg bucket, 5 kg bucket, 10 kg bucket

How to order?

In order for us to help you choose the best product for your project, please send us the following information:

If you are located in Northern Estonia, visit our showroom in Tallinn Peetri tee 2 or write to the address

If you are in South Estonia, stop by the Mooste manor complex Mõisahoovi tee 5 or write to the address