Clay stucco

Clay stucco is a wonderfully thin finishing plaster with a rich Venetian shine, which allows you to create shiny surfaces.

Clay stucco is a 100% natural finishing putty with a small ecological footprint, being an eye-catching decorative element in the interior. Inspired by the thousands of years old techniques and materials of Japanese masters, this modern fine putty produced in South Estonia is like a work of art, with a pattern reflected on the glossy surface, creating a luxurious atmosphere with just a few thin layers.

According to the technique, the result is a mirror-smooth and versatile pattern with clay stucco, which gives the walls a luxurious and elegant look

Clay stucco is ideal for dry interiors for decorative finishing of walls, ceilings as well as stoves, fireplaces, and ovens. UKU clay stucco is easy to install and thanks to its smooth glossy surface, it is very easy to maintain.

Mixing stucco with pigments gives you the opportunity to create an endless range of shades. The troweled surface is hard as stone and soft as silk.

Suitable substrates: Suitable for all absorbent plaster and putty surfaces in dry interiors that have been previously filled with clay or lime marmorino.

Color: white, snow white, orange, mustard, gray, lilac, yellow, red, blue, beige, caramel, green, black
Grain size: 0–0,2mm
Consumption: 400-600g/m2
Packaging: 1kg bucket, 5kg bucket, 10kg bucket

How to order?

In order for us to help you choose the best product for your project, please send us the following information:

If you are located in Northern Estonia, visit our showroom in Tallinn Peetri tee 2 or write to the address

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