Wholesome rooms in keeping with nature - with clay plaster

Since the beginning of time, clay has played an essential role in human history. Clay has been used for finishing buildings and dwellings already for millennia. 

Clay, as an interior construction material is beneficial for the health of both the wall build-up as well as inhabitants. Nowadays, a smart choice of materials may be more relevant than ever before, with clay having the smallest ecological footprint and being the most sustainable building material on the Earth. UKU raw clay products are pure, consist of none but natural ingredients, are antistatic and can significantly contribute to a healthy indoor climate on your premises. In a room with clay plastered walls, you can be in direct contact with nature and feel the ancient wisdom of the world's oldest building method. ​ Working with clay is a pleasant and natural process – the mixtures are easy to mix and apply. One may even find working with clay plasters and paints therapeutic (there is a risk that all the family members may wish to partake in the working process).

Our plaster mixtures are 100% natural and with the broadest range of tones in Estonia. To achieve the right tone of the clay products, we only use pure natural clays of different colors. The vast majority of them are local – from within a radius of a few hundred kilometers from the production site. The manufacturing process is no less critical; for production, we use 100% renewable energy coming directly from solar panels installed on the roof of our production building.

Over time, we have always stood for the preservation of clay houses and protecting the clay building heritage. That is why we have developed various special mortars for renovation/restoration of old clay buildings, also light-clay and massive clay mortars. Our product line provides both CEB (compressed earth blocks) and lightweight blocks for various applications; as well as clay mortar for masonry heaters.

The quality of UKU clay plasters has been assessed to be compliant to the German standard of factory-made earth plasters. And accordingly, the base, finish and fine finish clays in our product line are exclusive of the highest strength class.

Clay plaster base coat

For plastering, filling and leveling of substrates.
Particle size: 0-4 mm
Color: Dark red
Maximum layer thickness: 1,5 cm
Availacble in dry mix.
Packaged: 25 kg bag, 500 kg Bigbag, 1000 kg Bigbag

Finishing plaster

For plastering, leveling and structural finishing of substrates.
Particle size: 0-2 mm
Color: Dark red, red, brown, gray, blue
Maximum layer thickness: 6-8 mm
Available in dry mix.
Packaged: 25 kg bag, 500 kg Bigbag*, 1000 kg Bigbag*

*Available in dark red

Fine finish

Fine finish plaster with wide range of colors.
Particle size: 0-1 mm / 0-0,5 mm*
Color: 33 colors
Maximum layer thickness: 3 mm / 2 mm
Available in dry mix.
Packaged: 25 kg bag / 20 kg bag**

* Pre-order
** (black, snow white)

Clay paint

Matte slightly structural color.
Particle size: 0-0,2 mm
Color: 33 colors, possibility to tint with pigments.
Suitable for finishing many different substrates.
Available in dry mix. 
Packaged: 1 kg bag, 5 kg bag, 10 kg bag

Clay stucco

Venetian shade-rich clay fine finish.
Particle size: 0-0,2 mm
Color: 33 colors, possibility to tint with pigments.
For absorbent and flat clay, lime and other plastered surfaces and gypsum boards.
Consumption: 400 g/m²
Available in dry mix. 
Packaged: 1 kg bag, 5 kg bag, 10 kg bag


For renovation of clay houses, construction of clay floors and construction of various small architectural structures.
Particle size: 0-8 mm
Color: Dark red. Available on request in brown, gray, red, blue.
Available in dry mix. 
Packaged: 25 kg bag, (on pre-order 500/1000 kg Bigbag)

Rammed earth

A mixture of clay for walls and major repairs to clay houses.
Particle size: 0-32 mm
Color: Dark red
Available in dry mix. 
Packaged: 1000/500 kg Bigbag (*preorder)


Compressed earth blocks for masonry.
Dimensions: 295 x 140 x 90 mm
Color: Dark red
On request: Gray, brown, red, blue, yellow

Clay mortar for masonry heaters

Laying and repairing the external structures of fireplaces, chimneys, hot walls, and stove-benches in indoor conditions. Suitable for laying both raw earth and burnt clay bricks, and filling tiles.
Color: Dark red, blue - *in stock
red, brown, gray - *on request
Available in dry mix.
Package: 25 kg bag

Adhesion mix

A mix used to increase adhesion when renovating clay walls.
Particle size: 0-4 mm
Color: Dark red
Available in dry mix.
Packaged: 25 kg bag, 1000 kg Bigbag (preorder)