Clay plaster - for natural interior

Clay already had an important place in people's lives in ancient times. Clay has been used to build homes for millennia, and clay plasters have adorned homes for their simplicity, beauty, and useful properties.

Today, the smart choice of building materials is more relevant than ever because clay is a sustainable material with the lowest ecological footprint. Clay, clay plaster, and other natural building materials are gaining popularity for their sustainability.

Why choose clay plaster?

The use of clay plaster in interior decoration is healthy for both the wall structures of the building and the residents of the house. Clay plaster regulates humidity, is suitable for allergy sufferers. It prevents electromagnetic radiation and helps to neutralize unpleasant odors. Clay plaster is 100% natural and recyclable and has many soft and natural colors available.

Saviukumaja,s or just UKU clay plasters, clay putty and clay paints are natural and contain only ecological ingredients. We do not need to use chemicals for the production of our products. However, we use solar energy for production - with solar panels installed directly on the roof of the production building.

UKU clay plasters and clay paints are antistatic and contribute to a healthy indoor climate. In a room finished with clay plaster, you are in direct contact with nature and have a piece of the world's oldest building style. Clay plastering is a fun and natural process. Clay mixtures are easy to mix and use. Working with clay plasters and clay paints is a therapeutic activity, and family members always have the opportunity to participate in the work process.

UKU clay plaster is 100% natural and has the widest choice of colors in Estonia. We use only pure natural clays of different shades to achieve the color of the clay plaster, and most of it comes from the immediate area, just a few hundred kilometers from Moose. UKU clay plasters have the highest strength class, which is guaranteed by the German quality standard (DIN 18947:2013).

Clay plaster base coat

Its extraordinary strength is a reason why its often used as the first coat in plaster systems. It can be applied in thicker layers because of the added natural fiber. Clay plaster can be used as a finishing layer to give a more rustic feeling. It is suitable for plastering different surfaces (wood, stone, bricks, clay plaster, lime plaster, other mineral plasters, reed board, straw walls, concrete blocks, common building blocks, etc.).

Particle size: 0-4 mm
Color: Dark red
Maximum layer thickness: 1,5 cm
Available in dry mix.
Packaged: 25 kg bag, 500 kg Bigbag, 1000 kg Bigbag

Product manual

Clay finishing plaster

Clay finish plasters are most famous for their rough and playful surfaces. It can be used as a finishing layer or as a base coat for different surfaces and often chosen for its many uses.
There are various finishing options for UKU clay plasters. They can be troweled smooth, worked with floats, sponges, or brushes.
Particle size: 0-2 mm
Color: Dark red, red, brown, gray, blue
Maximum layer thickness: 6-8 mm
Available in dry mix.
Packaged: 25 kg bag, 500 kg Bigbag*, 1000 kg Bigbag*

*Available in dark red

ColorsProduct manual

Clay fine finish

UKU fine finish plasters have excellent workability and surface strength and used for finishing clay plasters, lime plasters, and other mineral plasters indoors. Also suitable for plastering plasterboards, gypsum fibreboards, and natural fibreboards.

There is always an option to spice things up by adding natural additives to your plasters. Straw, flax, seashells, and different colored marbles are some options to consider.
Particle size: 0-1 mm / 0-0,5 mm*
Color: 33 colors
Maximum layer thickness: 3 mm / 2 mm
Available in dry mix.
Packaged: 25 kg bag / 20 kg bag**

* Pre-order
** (black, snow white)

ColorsProduct manual

Clay paint

UKU clay paints are very easy to apply and suitable for covering interior walls and ceilings. Surfaces covered with clay paint are matte and pastel-like and do not reflect light. They have good coverage and add character to smooth surfaces, leaving on a slight texture.

It is breathable paint, which allows water vapor to flow through the surface easily.
It does not contain any volatile organic compounds or synthetic preservatives and are suitable for people with allergies.​​​​​​​
Particle size: 0-0,2 mm
Color: 33 colors, possibility to tint with pigments.
Suitable for finishing many different substrates.
Available in dry mix. 
Packaged: 1 kg bag, 5 kg bag, 10 kg bag

ColorsProduct manual

Clay stucco

Clay stucco with the simple application, you can achieve a Venetian plaster glossy surface very quickly.

UKU Clay stucco is an excellent finishing option for interiors and can add a luxurious feeling to your home or office. Stucco can safely be used on top of custom made ovens and stoves. 
Particle size: 0-0,2 mm
Color: 33 colors, possibility to tint with pigments.
For absorbent and flat clay, lime and other plastered surfaces and gypsum boards.
Consumption: 400 g/m²
Available in dry mix. 
Packaged: 1 kg bag, 5 kg bag, 10 kg bag

Product manual

Clay mortar for masonry heaters

Laying and repairing the external structures of fireplaces, chimneys, hot walls, and stove-benches in indoor conditions. Suitable for laying both raw earth and burnt clay bricks, and filling tiles.

Color: Dark red, blue
Red, brown, gray - on request
Available in dry mix.
Package: 25 kg bag

Product manual


Compressed earth blocks for masonry.

Dimensions: 295 x 140 x 90 mm
Color: Dark red
On request: Gray, brown, red, blue, yellow

Rammed earth

A mixture of clay for walls and major repairs to clay houses.
Particle size: 0-32 mm
Color: Dark red
Available in dry mix. 
Packaged: 1000/500 kg Bigbag (*preorder)


For renovation of clay houses, construction of clay floors and construction of various small architectural structures.
Particle size: 0-8 mm
Color: Dark red. Available on request in brown, gray, red, blue.
Available in dry mix. 
Packaged: 25 kg bag, (on pre-order 500/1000 kg Bigbag)

Adhesion mix

A mix used to increase adhesion when renovating clay walls.
Particle size: 0-4 mm
Color: Dark red
Available in dry mix.
Packaged: 25 kg bag, 1000 kg Bigbag (preorder)

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